Effective target audience research is a deep dive into one of the biggest databases of consumer insights, social media. In order for your business’ campaigns to be effective, there must be an opportunity for an insight to your audience. Getting to know your audience and who they really are, what they really represent, and what they really want to see. This includes demographics, interests, commonalities, preferences, and location. These key factors are critical to expand your brand to new audiences, create engaging products and content, and staying ahead of the competition. 

To attract and retain more consumers to consider and take awareness of your brand, you must be able to be familiar with the consumer persona of your brand. The insights you gain from audience analysis depend on the depth of your research. This article will be a simple guide to a quality digital approach, and you will be able to takeaway some marketing tips and tactics that will aid in the success of your business online. 

Known V.S. Unknown Audiences 

Let’s start by explaining the difference between these two segments. 

  • A known audience indicates that these individuals are familiar with your brand and have come across your page, website, or have heard of your business. They even might have taken it a step further by signing up for an email marketing list or purchased a product. These people have made a direct contact with your brand in an omni touchpoint of some kind. 
  • An unknown audience is the segment of individuals that have yet to become aware of your brand and business. Instead of being weary of this certain audience, the opportunity in this segment is vast and therefore should be taken just as seriously as a known audience. The reason being is that these individuals have commonalities with your known audience. Essentially, they are your audience but aren’t easily targeted and have not been reached through marketing efforts. 

Social Media Insights 

Thankfully social media is progressing alongside marketing campaigns and now more than ever it is easier to get a better understand in real time of your audience and the corresponding metrics. Instagram and Facebook have the ability to give you a business platform to measure analytics such as likes, impressions, comments, profile visits, and the reach of your social platform.  

A helpful tip in the digital business world is the rise of influencer marketing that jump speeds your business and the outreach to thousands of accounts at once. Influencers are powerful especially in the cosmetics world and you should take note of who you would like your brand to collaborate with. These ambassadors should be individuals who represent your brand mission, motto, and voice. Influencer campaigns have become a tour de force in social media marketing as an effective and flexible marketing option. They are a must to stay ahead of the competition in the social sphere and staying on top of the trends. Audience analysis will help you pinpoint your audience and therefore find the right match for your influencer persona. This way your brand will find new audiences and top into the unknown.

So Now What? 

You collected your metrics, analytics, and did a thorough investigation of who is watching your content and or engaging with it. The main goal here is to bring all your social media data into one place so you can view it holistically and really dive into the data. Next step is to optimize and incorporate any findings into your new social media strategy.

With data compiled it is easier now to create new buyer personas. Personas that have more detail to them and will help you in your next campaign to funnel down who exactly you want to target to. Analytics provides insight to what the human eye cannot,  with quality audience analysis, you’ll understand where your audiences are in their customer journey. 


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