As social media progresses and different marketing campaigns are implemented, the aesthetic medicine market is evolving with the changing times and target audience. It is important as marketers to get a full understanding of what exactly social media marketing is and how to tackle the digital sphere for of the aesthetic business. As a marketer working in this field, learning and growing from prior and ongoing social media campaigns will allow for the polished and strategic business plan that will aid with the success by designing with the end in mind. 

Let’s first take note of what definition of social media marketing and how we can apply it to the aesthetic industry. Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic.  The use of filters in the daily life of millions of social media users triggers the want and desire to alter their appearance to feel and look more confident, thus insinuating a boom in the aesthetic medicine market. The desire to look good in one’s own social media images is a well-reported key factor fueling demand for aesthetic services today.  Now as marketers we must critically analyze and develop content that influences and persuades the audience to take action to want to purchase aesthetic cosmetic services. Staying in the know of what social media tactics are trending to stay competitive puts business such as Ideal Image ahead in the game. 

With the various apps such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook being the powerhouse trio in social media advertising, the content being published has to appeal to the newer generation of aesthetic medicine. The nation’s leader in aesthetics which just celebrated their 20th year in business is now actively developing a social media marketing campaign intended for a younger more social savvy audience. The newest Instagram post includes a video of an aesthetic consultant educating that the right dosage of Botox ® is what is needed for long lasting results! You can check out the viral video here.

This campaign is brilliant for many reasons. Ideal Image is using inhouse brand ambassadors to actively represent the brand via their advertisements. As well as using mainstream and popular audio backgrounds that have gone viral on TikTok. Utilizing this simple marketing tactic already draws in the younger aesthetic audience to want to relate and create a relationship with a brand that is conscious of the social platform trending themes. Ideal Image stays competitive by having that advantage against other med spa’s that do not have a social presence. 

This type of marketing approach will only allow for further brand development and awareness in the social sphere of Instagram and TikTok. After the launch of #ConfidenceCrew and the success of the first posts and live stories, Ideal Image lead growth has maximized, and more leads will thus turn into happy loyal clients after their consultations. In order to continue improving this marketing strategy, as a #ConfidenceCrew ambassador and a marketing professional I plan to create content that is aimed for generating brand awareness with creativity and incorporating authentic realness. Ideal Image delivers real results for real people and wants everyone to feel confident in their own skin. 


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