When speaking about brand equity we want to focus our attention on our base of research that provides factual information that contributes to raising brand credibility. These sources influence consumer behavior. The value directly or indirectly accrued by these various benefits is often called brand equity. Brand equity refers to consumers being aware of the brand that emphasizes the added value that the brand-name provides to the product.

Qualitative Research Techniques 

In this article, we will discuss techniques that will contribute to growing your brand equity and raise the proper, polished, and precise brand awareness that is needed to grow your business.  

  1. Free Association 

This refers to the brand recall that includes the free will thinking that consumers associate with your brand. You want this information to be clear, conscience, and for the marketers communication to be effective. Answers to these questions help marketers to clarify the range of possible associations and assemble a brand profile.

  • Projective Techniques 

These insightful practices contribute to true opinions on your brand as well as findings linked to feelings and deep emotions associated with your brand. Projective techniques can be especially useful when deeply rooted personal motivations or personally or socially sensitive subject matters may be operating.

  • Brand Personality 

Brand personality refers to the qualities that aid in making your brand personified as a whole according to your marketing efforts. How do consumers refer to your brand with recognizable traits? The authenticity and consistency of these traits are what separate a strong brand from a weak one. This part of qualitative research is crucial to build relationships with consumers that will contribute to the success of your brand. The key to this qualitative research us to keep it authentic, make your brand personable and the rest comes easy. 

  • Responses 

The response your marketing efforts alongside your research initiatives prove to be go according to the brand equity you are portraying as a brand. This is the way you can determine your efforts have been proven. This is the way you can measure brand equity and determine the success of your brand and what to reflect and optimize in the future. Recognize your brand engagement and community to consider what is targeted and or missing. You can use your high brand equity to form new partnerships, look around for better supplier rates, or be considered as worthy of a ‘seat at the table’ with other large brands. 

Boost your Brand Awareness 

Tap into your potential consumers, understand what your research has provided and what is missing to target your audience. Raise your brand equity based on these practical methods and consider what is necessary for success. 

Feedback for the Editor

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