Branding has come a long way from a trademarked logo. Consumers in this new era want to believe in your brand and marketers must find a way to captivate and conquer consumers with a voice and a reason. Marketers must develop a connection to consumers and link the values both brand and consumer share. Storytelling may not seem important, but the marketplace proves otherwise and as society progresses to combat and stand amongst allies for a moral good, your brands story has to stand out. You want people to join you on the mission of your business in order to be successful, starting from the roots of the core.

The Brand Story Framework


Know that your consumer is a hero, and your brand is their guide to life. You are proud of your target audience because they stand for something. Your mission.

Ask yourself: what core desire motivates your consumer? Importantly, the main character in your brand story is not you, it’s your customer.


Your consumer has an internal conflict they are battling, they want a solution to this villain they are dealing with. This is the opportunity for marketers to engage and draw in consumers when knowing the importance of these 2-character variables. Create a story with the hero feeling personally victimized by the villain, consumers will feel personally motivated to join the mission and story of your brand.

Then be sure to be the solution to their problems. Your hero is in trouble and needs help, be the peace they are looking for.


Your brand is the guide. Consumers want direction. They can’t do this without you. Position yourself as the guide that will help consumers overcome their challenges. It’s not enough to have a quality product or service, you need to know how to talk about it in a way that differentiates you from the crowd. 

Be sure to use your empathy and authority card to stand out and really ensure and create the trust your consumers have been longing for.


Effective and meaningful communication is the key here. Your place must incorporate a series of steps or philosophy that will guide them to do business with your brand. They will trust you with a credible plan, they don’t need any more confusion. You are their lifeline and here’s how they’ll solve their problems.

5. CTA

Challenge your hero’s and let it be known their mission has a deeper understanding higher purpose. Call them to action, ways to do so in the marketing realm include asking them to make a purchase, schedule an appointment, subscribing to learn more, and remaining in contact with your business to nurture the relationship.

When crafting your messaging, think about what your audiences truly need from you (in addition to a product or service).


Marketers want to aid in the bettering of the lives of their hero’s because it is so crucial to the story. Overcoming any doubts, objections, and fear the consumer may have with effective communication. Tell your consumers why they should do business with you and what life would be like if they don’t take the risk.

Remember that the guide (your brand) is helping the hero succeed and avoid failure.


Your hero at their deepest core desires transformation in one or many aspects of their life. You’re helping the Hero to be wiser, more equipped, more accepted or more at peace. People want to change and not stay stagnant, especially with identity. Marketers focus on identity in this section because smart brands know how consumers want to be perceived by others. So let the hero choose your brand to be their salvation and create the brand awareness, loyalty, and retention that comes with storytelling success.


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