Finding genuine human insights on why we do what we do the way we do it is based on more than just numbers and data. What makes your consumers human? How does your target audience operate based on their needs and desires? Emotion, survival, society, and understanding the empathy behind actions and clicks is needed for brand development. Rethink better ways to serve your audience and formulating an experience through observation, research, and the patterns in buyer behavior. The most successful businesses recognize that commerce is a fundamentally human endeavor. 

Marketers must identify the human insights that define their target audience via practical application.

Finding Insights for Your Audience

Step 1: Audience Sample 

Narrow down your audience. Divide your active consumers into various segments and focus on the primary audience that you plan to build with and want to attract. If you haven’t done so, this crucial fundamental step will reveal a lot on who exactly your consumers are and their ways of life. 

Step 2: Observation

Specific questions, active listening, engaging your audience with immersive product usage, brand verbiage, and their daily go abouts reveals subconscious behaviors.

Step 3: Find Tension

Where have you not fulfilled your audience? Where do you lack human connection and linkage with your brand? What factors demotivated them and where can you alleviate pressure?  

This reflection offers a deep, more empathetic understanding and provides the company with better intel on how to solve for the problem.

Step 4: Create, Test, and Evaluation

Form a hypothesis that is optimized for the specific audience in your market. Utilize surveys, focus groups, and various marketing tactics and tools to your advantage. Gather evidence and you’ll get a better look at the human data in the lives of your consumers. It is here after redefining that you will truly master human insights.

Data Simply isn’t Good Enough

Walk alongside your customers to bridge the gap between buying behavior and empathy. Brand loyalty comes from delivering offerings that tap into those feelings. It is more than data metric analyzations, it is based on how your consumers feel when they purchase from your website, store, or e-commerce platform. Immerse yourselves in the shoes of your consumer. Establishing an emotional connection through human insights allows for nurturing these consumers into brand loyalty for ages to come. 


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