Human beings tend to instinctively prefer products that they have been exposed to more often, this is a well know science. Naturally the new and unknown are what humans tend to shy away from, therefore as marketers it is important to understand the familiarity principle and come up with strategies that will increase brand awareness within this dynamic. When it comes to marketing, we all know the most popular brand always wins. 

The right approach depends on the specific familiarity effects put in place for a product campaign. You want to get your consumers to buy and what better way than to tapping into some basic psychology. The desire for what’s familiar is something we crave. The base principle begins with repetition. Exposing consumers to repeated stimuli allows them to grow a relationship with your brand and therefore are more likely to think more favorably of the product/service.

Best Practices for Brand Familiarity 

Make sure you’re easy to remember and easy to recognize, here are some of the best tips in order to establish a positive brand recall with these great familiarity effects in marketing. 

  • Publish your logo everywhere. Consumers are subconsciously retaining this information through sensory memory. 
  • Make it memorable. Imagery is your friend here, therefore use it to your advantage and stay consistent with your illustrations and visuals. 
  • Stay relevant and be credible. Any logos, banners or images should be consistent with your target audience. 
  • Yes that catchy jingle will be a hit. Consumers can easily brand recall this echoic memory tactic. 

Begin Advertising  

Now that you’re set in motion, get creative. Think outside the box and continue on with your ads and your audience in mind. Establish a presence on all platforms that allows accessibility to your target audience, this is where you will get that reach you are hoping for, especially in the digital age. That first impression is everything, be unique and competitive. Stand out amongst the rest and stay on track with analytics and metrics to better optimize your advertising. Design with the end in mind and become a viral hit. Of course, it sounds a lot easier said than done, but the method remains effective. Let’s use this marketing magic to our advantage. 


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