To achieve the marketing goal you have in mind for your business it takes a lot more than a couple brainstorm sessions. It requires a polished strategy with the right tactics and the combination of methods that will actively generate the influence in consumers purchasing decisions. When you are promoting a business, I want you to know that you are engaging in persuasive communication. In order to succeed you need to integrate staple elements in your communications process to make the exchange be effective and mutually beneficial. 

Your brand message should be clear, consistent, and compelling across all channels of distribution. Your Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) should be to inform, persuade, and remind consumers about your organization and its products. 


Advertising – Communicating Your Message to Target Audience

A typical paid media advertisement in order to generate feedback in the form of a sale or other action taken by the consumer.  

  • Print ads on magazines, YouTube ads, Instagram and Facebook ads, web-based brand building, billboards. 
  • With advertising be aware, that it essentially builds brand credibility since you are reaching your TA and is the first step in brand awareness or brand recall for your TA. 

PR & Sponsorships – Planned Increase of Positive Mentions  

Public relations are the managing of the communication between your brand an individual or an organization and the public

  • Instagram influencers paid partnerships to increase brand positive awareness. 
  • Consumers tend to follow societal publicity thus spiking brand sales. 
  • Special events, charity events, and video and audio media coverage. 
  • Inexpensive and effective reach. 

Personal Selling – Presenting Brand via B2C Relationships 

Personal selling includes building the brand through a controlled sales approach with various sales tactics and ending with purchased goods. 

  • A one-on-one interaction usually with marketing presentation done via in person, email, or phone call. 
  • The goal in this approach is to foster a relationship with the client. 
  • CRM databases.

Direct Marketing – CTA via SMS, Email, or Mail 

The advertising that targets your brand’s TA by reaching them in their homes or where they are easily accessible like via text promotions or personalized email offers. 

  • Targets individual consumers through engagement.
  • Relative content and personalized ads.
  • Campaigns via catalogues or flyers delivered directly to homes. 
  • One tap SMS free delivery, QR code, email sign up for the latest offers. 

Sales Promotions – BOGO, GWP, Seasonal Offers, Samples 

Campaigns with the purpose to stimulate audience activity and market demand. It coordinates public selling, advertising, and public relations.

  • Only available for a limited amount of time.
  • Buy one get one free, 50% off, gift with purchase.
  • Increase perceived short time value by involving all elements of IMC promotional mix.


These elements are all necessary for the proper execution for a successful brand promotion campaign. Be aware that every channel has a different way of communicating to the TA of your choice. Use all the resources you have available to your advantage. Social media should be number one as it is the easiest place to gain a following. Your message should include two main factors: content and format. Start young building that brand loyalty, word of mouth will aid in your success. To grow, you need the funds, especially if you plan on reaching a TA that is scattered. Create and design with the end in mind. Now you have the elements to do so and picking the promotional mix that will drive your business success.  


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