The global aesthetic medicine market brings in around 64.6 billions of U.S dollars according to the latest 2021 statistic. That is also 20 billion dollars less than 2020 due to COVID financial implications that impacted many aesthetic and beauty enthusiasts that bring forth extreme amounts of revenue for such luxury goods. The market segment is for individuals very passionate about wanting to bring forth confidence to their everyday lives. Over generations this remains the same, however the business world has evolved since the introduction of aesthetic medicine in the late 1980’s. Along with all fresh optics and creative marketing tactics that have been cultivated into building brand loyalty since then.

Memberships and Accessible Aesthetics

Although these products have an exclusive feel only sold to a certain type of individual with a certain type of household income, those days are no over. With the changing of the times, aesthetic medicine such as wrinkle relaxers, facial fillers, CoolSculpting, CoolTone, broad band light therapy, laser hair removal, and extremely advanced noninvasive age-defying procedures and treatments have become affordable and accessible. Long before, clients saw this as a one-time purchase, however this is a set of treatments over a lifetime and continuously would spend thousands to get the same results. Companies faced a problem, not being able to retain clients and not actively listening to their financial needs.

The 21st century came around and thanks to genius marketing, memberships for top player providers in pharmaceutical companies like Galderma and Allergan have designed loyalty programs for such goods to customers. You can check out Allergan’s program here, which in my career I market and sell to clients, and Galderma’s here for more info. Millions of people who could not afford such goods would miss out on the opportunities like age rewind and feeling more confident in their own skin and now can feel as though they do have that ability with memberships in this exclusive industry.

Customizable Loyalty is Key

Growing in loyalty comes easy this way, with people wanting to stay looking their best. Customer base thrives when it comes to memberships, people are creatures of habit especially when dealing with medical matters. Working for the nations provider of Botox and Coolsculpting, my career at Ideal Image, includes marketing a membership. It is now possible for clients to get affordable top of the line services and have that safety knowing they are covered with a lifetime guarantee. The market is cut throat with hundreds of other modality providers competing for the best offers, the best prices, and the overall best membership out there for customers of all incomes, demographics, and segmentation.

Ideal Image stays on top with access to 50 to 90% off specific modality treatments, including one yearly free treatment, and Botox for $8.90 the unit, the lowest price on the market all for $250 a year. It is incredible how the generational change in the industry has impacted the aesthetic medicine market and sparking the revenue since then. Ideal Image has over 150 clinics and is the leader in aesthetics for over 20 years now with top of the line medical grade equipment and modalities served by licensed medical professionals. A powerhouse in aesthetics.


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