Building relationships with your clients is more than essential for your business success. Today’s marketers have to evolve with the way of the world, past a digital connection. Long term relationships with people involve human effort and involvement from both benefiting parties. When wanting to grow your professional brand, involving a strategic marketing plan to be better equipped for your customers will ensure you are fully capable of cultivating everlasting relationships.


Relationship Marketing is a strategy designed to foster customer loyalty, interaction and long-term engagement.This involves going past a transactional sale, consultation, or a one time purchase. Effective marketing includes building on that one client to remain a client for a lifetime. Listening to the customer’s needs and adhering to them by fostering a personalized experience is a key to driving sales, revenue, and growing your new customers by the numbers. 

The digital sphere has revolutionized business and has become the main touchpoint to accessing customers. Relationship marketing through this channel is where a healthy long term relationship will flourish. Let your customers know they are thought of through personalization and create an outlet for more information to be derived by them. Get personal just enough to form more than just a solution, but to increase customer loyalty and repeat purchases.Relationship marketing is magic marketing. 


These are some practices to get you more acquainted with strategies you can implement for your business no matter what industry you’re in. I have come up with the most effective strategies based on my CRM (Customer Relationship Management) experience working in aesthetic sales as well as cosmetics marketing. 

  1. Social media outlets are crucial platforms to listen to customers and connect with. Actively read comments, reply, and filter through your posts to engage with consumers. They love that! 
  2. Use Social media to create a platform for warm leads. People who follow you can turn into customers if you let them have an opportunity to reach first with incentives. 
  3. Email marketing is a great place to receive polls and surveys based on customer feedback or business optimization. 
  4. Always let your customer know how much they are appreciated with an emotional connection. That is the key. Ways to do that are offering relevant content to their needs, building trust, and expressing your brand personality by directly speaking with your customers. 
  5. CRM databases like Salesforce and HubSpot focus on individual consumers. Use this business intelligence to your advantage. 
  6. Customize products and services based on the direct and friendly interaction between your business and the consumer. You want to help. 
  7. Gain permission for SMS touchpoint and any form of newsletters. Like a subscription and a CTA (call to action) to have controllable access. What touchpoint works best for your customer? 


Start to dig deep. Who are your customers, who would you like to lure into your circle and how will you keep them? Take a look into demographics, Google Analytics is your best friend. These customers are loyal for different reasons, and require tailored relationship marketing strategies.The strategy requires constant attention to tailor best to the needs to clients specific wants.

Working in my industry customizing treatment plans or marketing a specific product to a certain individual all requires active listening and going beyond a sale. Build your brand and never stop building. Let the customer know you are valuable and can always be there to be leaned on. Relationship marketing is more than just an individual, it takes a team for your business to be successful in all aspects. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but with effort, stride, and perseverance your brand will be exactly what you believe it to be and that message will be conveyed with your marketing because you care. It takes a village and a community that loves what they do. That’s what sets you apart from the competition.


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