Building brand equity for your personal brand is a challenging proposition for a marketer due to not having the resources, networking, or proper execution when it comes to a small business. A personal brand without the right leverage can sometimes fall flat and does not receive the support needed in order to succeed in the market. Do know, to aim for the stars, you must believe in yourself and what you offer. Search for what makes you different, what makes you YOU! Once you have found that, soar.

Your Value

Understand that you are supplying a solution to a target audience based on the market you are competing in. However, ask yourself a few questions to help you jumpstart the powerhouse mentality.

  1. What do you have to offer?
  2. Why is your personal brand better than the rest?
  3. Where do you see yourself in the next 3 to 5 years?
  4. What are your top values?
  5. Why are you in this field or industry?


Once you have established your mission and set of core values as to why you are in business and doing what you are doing, ask yourself who you are doing it for. Your audience is your direct market to brand build, these are the individuals you are aiming to captivate constantly and want to create an everlasting relationship with. Do more than solve their problems, be a business they can rely on.

  1. What does your ideal client look like?
  2. Who do they spend their time with?
  3. Where do they shop?
  4. Why would they decide to do business with you?
  5. What would make them a loyal client or partner?


In this specific sector of branding, testimonials are just as important as your Google Ad’s online. A personal brand is more than just a website with blog posts. It is your LinkedIn network and your connections speaking highly of you in referrals and highlighting your key skills in the industry. It is your extensive professional background alongside your education and certificates. You must create your value in order for others to spread your credibility and thus developing a strong connection to your brand. Extending your network of professionals to those who can attest to your endeavors opens the opportunity for other personal higher ups reaching out to you for your business or employment.

Your Platform

Yes, LinkedIn is a one stop shop to growing your personal brand. However in times were digital marketing and branding have taken over, we must be creative in the pursuit to stand out. Learn a bit of graphic design, optimize a user friendly website, and customize your own logo. Be a brand, have a mission statement, have an online presence in order to create a following. Some tricks to do so are to have a subscription newsletter. Stay true to your brands vision and stay adamant to your logo. Share your content on professional or personal social platforms in order to attract new and existing users. Make yourself known, express that you care to problem solve, promote your accomplishments to make yourself credible. Push your value onto others and the respect will come flowing. Never stop pushing .


Feedback for the Editor

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