Tableau is the best software on the market for data visualizations and valuable insights all created and customized at your fingertips. It is an inviting workspace that is built to transform your polished spreadsheets and compute business alchemy requiring minimal knowledge. 

This quick guide will answer navigation go to’s, understanding the basic keywords, and why you should be using Tableau. 


Before diving headfirst into the software, you must plan accordingly. Like a chef making an exquisite meal, the recipe needs to be polished in order for it to come out right to taste. Like fundamental ingredients in a recipe that have once been cooked, in order to undo a step, you must start over. Therefore, it is a necessary step to organize, prep, and upload clean data onto Tableau. 

Design with the end in mind and answer a couple questions that will guide you in your research and successfully provide the insights you are hoping for. 

1. What are you aiming to answer? 

2. What would you like your data to explore? 

3. What data will be uploaded and is it ready? 

4. What visual dashboard are you expecting? 


These are the data friendly keywords in Tableau that should be your friends in analytics and data reporting. So get familiar and navigating the software will be easy. 

  • A worksheet can be a storyboard, otherwise known as a dashboard. 
  • Excel files, text files, and database’ can be uploaded into Tableau. 
  • Dimensions contain qualitative value and they give a deeper look to your data. This can be categories, subcategories, geographic, etc. 
  • Measures are quantitative columns, where simple table calculations are performed. 
  • Show Me is a functionality that gives you inspiration to the best visual practices based on the data in dimensions and measures. 
  • Create hierarchies by dragging a field into dimensions area of the data pane into another field. 
  • You can drag dimensions and measures into column and row to present your data. 
  • Create calculated fields under Analysis to generate data needed for your report like profits, revenues, or other unreported calculations.


Tableau ranks competitively high among business intelligence software systems. With that being said there are numerous user testimonials that assert that its visuals are the number one in the market and consider this software the enterprise standard.”

Graphics are top of the line and although mastering the software is hard, the user friendly basics makes it very accessible to anyone with a will to learn. The great part is the combination of multiple data files all transported into graphic design. Data analytics is an art and should be treated as such. 

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