Marketers have an important duty to design products while creating value and doing so accordingly to the needs of consumers. It is also important to understand how exactly this process begins, tunnels, and ends in the consumers hands. From manufacture, distributor, retailer, and to consumers. The movements of products down a distribution channel is crucial to develop insight on margins, profits, and breakeven analysis to better your business and relationships in the market.

With the rise in digital, we will focus on the future of tomorrow, emphasizing on digital distribution and marketing analytics.

Digital Revolution 

Thanks to technology we are now capable of accessing a multitude of products and media in a matter of seconds. A digital distribution channel is at your own control, reaching the audience that cares about you, what you do or what your business delivers. This approach puts an emphasis on connection with touchpoint created by email, mobile apps, SMS, and social media. It has impacted the way business’ sell to their target audience and how they can be reached via e-commerce.

Quick Tips

  • Successful business’ are incorporating online B2C commerce via digital technology to use direct channels of distribution effectively.
  • Companies can effectively use CRM software to their advantage, making it easier to engage with consumers and most importantly manage and track online sales. Working with sales powerhouse Salesforce has allowed me to nurture my clients and prospects, being in the know of the customer distribution touch base is essential.
  • Marketing has gone online. 39% of respondents say their main inspiration for purchases comes from social networks. Instagram’s swipe up to shop option is genius. Influencers are your friend.
  • Your digital strategy incorporates your customers journey along with the channels that handle your product after a consumers clicks purchase. This makes life easier with a swift view and organized approach handling indirect channels.

The Recipe for Distribution

  • Create a buyer persona with an online set of eyes. Who is on the other side of the screen? Focus your efforts by creating content for the channels where your customers are already engaging with you.
  • Impressions on the platform that matters. Sure it’s important to have diversity in audience reach but focus on an established connection. Tip: Where are you doing great with numbers and where would you like to grow?
  • Digital distribution is most successful with sister platforms. Revenue power forces Instagram and Facebook have an ability to dominate and influence in e-commerce strategy. 

Thinking digital distribution is for you? Your marketing must adhere to your audience according to the channel. Set your budget and be sure to chain your media across all platforms. Most importantly, have fun and stay true to your brand, it could be the start of something new for you and your business endeavors.

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