Social media has become the new it factor. For many, it is a showcase of talents, knowledge, or their everyday life. It is a universal platform that allows exploration from the many walks of life. There are top contenders like public influencers with millions of followers, and there are private people who rather go unnoticed in the digital sphere. Times are changing, as we begin to say goodbye to 2021, if you haven’t hopped aboard the social train, now is the perfect time to do so. Especially for small business start ups unaware of the unlocked potential social media can generate. It is a must have in order to compete where you can compare.

Create a Social Media Goal

Layout a formula to raise brand awareness and drive in engagement. You’re most likely starting at ground zero with a start up and it will be difficult, but with this guide you can find the steps easy and will initiate your ambition. The great thing about social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is that they have their own metrics to analyze and report your own findings. The chart below helps you with how what to look out for to create awesome content and to maximize your revenue. Whether your social is advertising an online retailer or a new corner bakery, the content you publish should be for all to see and for all to take interest in. Push yourself to start a blueprint for a goal and it usually should be 3 things that should be easily attained.

Get Creative

You can have other creatives help you on this and it will be challenging to think outside the box. Wanting to stand out among a sea of people in the digital era relies on call to action and persuasive appeal. Graphics and slogans come into play and help you administer a brand.

Target Audience

You have to build you brand hierarchy to attain the awareness and loyalty needed to succeed. Take for example, the beauty industry. It predominatly targets young women who are looking to enhance their appearance with cosmetics. If you’re a start up vegan beauty business you would want to advertise to this segment of the industry. Whereas if you’re an influencer starting out, you would want to advertise and try to connect with the followers of other influencers to build a platform and see what is trending.

Create the buyer persona directed to your specific brand and products. The marketing exchange happens here and you need to understand your audience in order to keep them satisfied and coming back. Read more on how to create a buyer persona.

What You Post is Important

What exactly will you share? I would suggest a mix of videos, infographics, customer reviews, and quality shots of the business in action. This structure will help you adjust your strategy and help you understand the consumer journey from a social media point of view.

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