Thanks to technology, mobile business has come a long way and is a key driver to the customer journey. Optimizing web design and always staying ahead of the digital game is how brands stay up to date with trends. Your phone is your digital shopping cart and businesses are aware. Consumers can make purchases with the touch of their thumb. It really is impressive how far along we have reached, however the best is yet to come.

According to Google Research, 55% of shoppers use online video marketing to finalize purchase decisions. Furthermore, the statistics have also proven that these shoppers use mobile digital access to products and reviews while actually in store. When it comes to retail, I have encountered the various individuals and have learned their type of shopping approach. Some consumers would rather learn a products advantages on their own as opposed to a sales representative being attentive to their needs.

A Digital Takeover On the Horizon

Makeup companies like NYX Cosmetics, have become a stepping stone for Mac Cosmetics for virtual makeup application. Consumers can try before they buy from the comfort of their own home. Mobile Artificial Intelligence has provided the necessary tools to go above and beyond and making the consumer feel like they have the real deal on their face. MAC Cosmetics partnered with mega global social media app, Snapchat, to advertise their MAC Powder Kiss lipstick. Which is the newest to revolutionize their iconic lipstick formulations.

A World Post Covid

What better way to advertise lipstick than from a smart phone’s front camera. It is digital innovation at it’s finest and possess the power to take over the next decades type of “try-on” haul. This is how MAC Cosmetics and various brands stay competitive.

Take Sephora for example that has vanities with built in AI. You can virtually try on lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow, and have fun in store while doing so. It is now available via your mobile phone as well. Mobile is becoming the new way to shop and has been for a while now. As a business analyst it is exciting to see the new forming world that awaits the industry. It has never been more fun being a makeup marketer.

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