Providing lifetime value to an organization must begin with understanding the consumer journey and considering the abundance of opportunities that lie between branding and managing consumer relationships. This threshold is key to mastering effective brand leverage that will generate business solutions. Designing a strategic approach that incorporates an emphasis on brand hierarchy alongside competitive business intelligence will facilitate creating a connection with clients. Informing, persuading, and increasing brand retention, starts in one place. Allowing a business to develop a brand with unique characteristics, will give an advantage to prospects and consumers seeking to build an everlasting relationship. Adding a few more benefits to a brand’s value portfolio introduces a meaningful effect on clients loyalty to your business. 

I gathered the following five experts in the field to give me their opinion on the importance of branding in CRM and here’s what they said. 

Yolanda Sandoval

Journey Aviation Charter Sales

“I can say in my specific industry, which is a high dollar industry, a company with quality assurance, good reputation, and longevity speak without words. Building a connection with clients and maintaining company core values while getting to know their needs is how to create a strong brand following.”

Jackie Tanenbaum, Ph.D.

Marketing Research Expert & Award-Winning Marketing Faculty at Florida International University

“Building a brand is one of a firm’s most important investments. As part of the brand-building process, firms need to cultivate relationships with their current and potential customers. The relationships create lasting bonds between the customer, the brand, and the firm. One of the most effective tools for forging relationships is Customer Relationship Management (CRM).”

Karin Ranguin

VP Talent Management & Corporate Responsibility at LVMH

“Leadership in the relationship is ensuring the journey is as important as the end results. Soft skills are key: connecting with your team, recruiting people with different passions and skills, mentoring them as your potential successors to cultivate client relationships.”

Valentina Steiner

Brand Marketing Specialist at CanoHealth

“Branding plays a huge role when it comes to B2B and B2C marketing. When a company brands itself correctly, it can use that brand as leverage when negotiating or making sales. This goes for both B2B and B2C but would hold better in B2B since other businesses would want to brag about being associated with a good brand. The better the branding, the better a relationship with a client will hold. When done right, branding will be what makes or breaks the decision for a client who chooses your company over another.”

Alexis Dawson

Digital Strategist, Data Analyst & Brand Developer

“Optimizing the consumer experience by focusing on CRM technology provides an effortless delivery of exceptional customer service. A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. CRM software allows a brand to build a network that has the capability of ensuring a digital “one on one” approach to give the consumer value.”

Putting the Pieces Together

Managing long lasting relationships ties in with brand building. Positive customer experiences builds credibility leading to long lasting happy clients. Multiple touch points are needed to sustain brand status while staying consistently empowered on the road to brand loyalty. Clients can have a direct relationship to their brand, and that is exactly what clients want. Easy access to a brand with their data all in one system, making it easier to connect especially in a digital world. Touch points include email, phone call, social media, etc. CRM is an exchange process between business and consumer dealing with insights on purchase patterns and generating personalized business approaches.

Keeping the customer engaged with the brand means inclusion and that special interaction is perceived as fulfilling needs while going above and beyond to maintain relevance in the consumers life. An organization must do their part in keeping close to home who they would like to advertise their mission to. A brand is not only a title, it is a group of leaders, a slogan with truth, and must have an ability to create a trusting bond with their consumers. Affinity and a brand image is further developed and giving the understanding that a consumer can hold power and faith in a business to look out for their clients.

Customer Lifetime Value

A business has one bottom line, and that is to make, deliver, and maximize profitable success. Among these things there is budgeting advertisement, promotions, social media, marketing, etc. to build brand awareness. A positive brand image does all the talking in a competitive field. Consumers are looking to find which brand has their best interest. Brands want to consider the monetary value a customer brings to a business over a lifetime. Acquiring and retaining consumers has never been easier with CRM digital tools and passing down the principles of effective integrated marketing communication. Client connection, rapport, and forecasting with the client’s needs in mind will always hold value in the market place. Having B2B/B2C relationships are easy, maintaining them is what is difficult.

People and organizations in the various segments of business all need to be special tended to in order to see results. The marketing exchange of the “feel good” feeling all stems back to one thing, and that is consistency. This is the key to striving with clients. Brand image exists inclusively in the mind of each consumer. It is the marketers job to shape that brand image in a manner that builds the desired brand equity through having sustainability in managing relationships with excellence and priority.

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