Whether you are inquiring about enhancing a personal blog, or you need to revise the crucial building blocks to a user friendly website that is visually pleasing, this simple guide gives you the run down on the essentials to web design.

Standing out among the competitors in your industry will come at a price. Therefore, building a digital empire from ground zero involves the money and time to acquire the digital analytics and most importantly understand the findings of the business intelligence. Once you get the initial principles of data analysis, it will allow you to optimize your digital presence and incorporate conveyed insights into a successful webpage with thousands of clicks and impressions. Your analytical performance determines website traffic, page views, and lets you know how your business is doing. AI is your friend and it will give you the necessary inputs to reform your site to attract more consumers and improve performance. Read more on why analytics friendly design is important.

The Connection to Branding

Navigation is everything alongside a clean layout. Remember, if your website has specific content that includes products or important information, you want to facilitate the consumer journey to the final destination. Keep in mind, creativity is pivotal in this digital age, especially if you want to build retention and connect a web user to your business and or brand.

Prioritizing your marketing to site design will focus on branding and elevate your credibility. Keeping in mind that an online presence represents your brand or business, and will “nurture your bottom-of-the-funnel leads to get conversions“. Therefore, brand image is key.


Online consumers really dislike a cluttered page, not only for aesthetics but it makes the consumer journey much more difficult and leaving you a missed opportunity to engage with a potential consumer. Make sure to customize a clean and manageable site to make navigation effortless. Be sure to customize an easy mobile layout, as mobile is continuing to rise on site engagement. You may have different pages on a site, but allocate them on a home page with a drop down menu, especially if you have a business with a lot of published content. Conduct an A/B test, this data analysis tool will give you the proper feedback and consumer insights on which design to implement and deploy to drive in better results.

These web pages are an example of a simple yet creative approach to a user friendly layout that incorporates branding and effortless navigation.

Integrated Marketing Communication

Marketing 101: Your site must inform, persuade, and connect with your target audience. Know your purpose and exactly what is the mission your website is communicating. Apply your strategic approach and consider what static or moving text will be on the page. Take note of any graphics or visual communication pieces that will incorporate exactly what your brand or products are about. Be clear, polished, and precise in your words. Do not let any noise interfere with your marketing.

Include any video graphics, or outside links that only have to do with your brands message on your site. When it comes to cosmetics and beauty, for example, you may introduce consumers to a video tutorial of an influencer highly rating a product on the specific page where they can purchase. You may have a chat box pop up for any inquiries on a product. Or a email subscription sign up to stay up to date with the brand.

Color Theory

Pay attention when thinking of business in color. I always suggest to incorporate your target audience and the colors associated with your site, find the match and keep it professional. Most importantly, let your colors run and be sure to have fun while doing so.

  • Color Schemes: Designed according to the color wheel with monochromatic, complementary, analogous, and triadic in mind. Connect it to your brand.
  • Color Psychology: Colors and consumers are powerful and should be considered when you want to “reinforce the overall message of a site“.

Design with the End in Mind

Web design should be consistent and changing with the times, it keeps you competitive and at the forefront of marketing trends. As a personal blogger, it is important to stay up to date with technology and input cool content for my audience. Assuring that blog posts are revised, new media is uploaded, and still managing to have some of my personal brand and personality shine through is a pleasure for me as marketer.

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