Your SEO campaign made easy. Learn the keyword formulations needed to get your marketing front and center.

As a marketer, SEO keyword search allows you to take your website and its published features, products, and key phrases to another level of digital innovation.

SEO Made Simple

A digital marketer must take into account all the knowledge and terms associated with organic keyword research. If you’re an aspiring marketer, or already in the field, this small toolbox can be a refresher or your keyword one stop shop.

  • Broad Match Modifier (+): Shows keyword that include variations, however in this case no synonyms.
  • Phrase Match (“___”): Keywords within the quotation marks that match the exact phrase when searched.
  • Exact Match: Your advertisement is organically shown when someone searches for the exact keywords.

Let’s Get Down to Business

Partnering with Google to advance your analysis and facilitate your keyword rankings has never been easier with their keyword planner. Improve the visibility of your site by incorporating keyword research related to your products and providing the words and phrases your site needs help with. Once you have achieved your goal in mind, you may then publish and launch your campaigns knowing you will attract the right target audience. With the help of Google Keyword Planner, forecasting the analytics for the future success of your website has never been better.

Taking You Beyond The Competition

Google search advertising is your SEO platform that optimizes and filters your content to provide higher rankings in organic search. If you are still unfamiliar with search engine optimization, it allows your advertisement to make the most of its online experience with click based consumers following specific keywords.

Staying ahead of the vast competition in the fast world of business keeps you up to date on the newest patterns of AI in order to generate optimal user friendly results. Professionals with a niche in SEO know that building a website includes researching any modifications or adjustments to improve the quality of the online content. SEO keywords provide the “optimization should be geared toward making the user experience better”.

SEO Marketing in the Beauty Industry

Application of SEO in cosmetics takes countless of hours polishing content creation and keyword specifics in order to stay afloat such a competitive market. With big brand names like Estée Lauder and L’Oreal revolutionizing digital content everyday, small brands and start ups have to find a way to squeeze in and make an impact online. “E-commerce beauty sites have hundreds, if not thousands, of individual pages” and these all have to undergo the revision of detailed keywords to stay relevant on Google and appear to the web surfing consumer.

Take the skincare alchemy formulated by the goddess of green, Tata Harper, as an example of natural botanical beauty. Her keywords play a part to being generated on the Google search platform. Keywords like natural, organic, vegan, green skincare all have different variations, synonyms, and formulations waiting to be discovered by the millions of e-commerce Google visitors.

From skincare on the rise, to makeup staying everlasting, and hair care on the horizon, beauty is booming. It is important to maintain your online presence strong, present, and remember to think outside that Google search box.

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