Understanding the needs and wants of a consumer are essential in effortlessly and successfully zooming through the buying process. Physical consumers step foot into a retail environment meet with the expert in their shopping needs. They begin to exchange and relay information that results in marketing communication. 

The Many Purposes of Marketing Communication

Marketers are always striving for the best communication, however there is no generic best message, thus “good enough” or “better” when it comes to developing marketing messages is the key. One typical approach to a categorization of marketing communication goals suggest that they “should inform, remind, persuadeand most importantly CONNECT”.

It can come in various forms such as …

  • Paid mass media advertising 
  • Sales promotion
  • Social media 
  • Direct marketing pieces 

Lets Get Integrated 

The overall goal is to get a target audience to interpret a concept or idea to understand the message to influence the efficiency of the marketing communication at hand. 

In my field of B2C cosmetics, this industry is very competitive, therefore it is vital to ensure quality service alongside constructing the best message via the best channel while reducing any noise. Whether in the physical realm of glamour and beauty or digital marketing, integrated marketing communications in this industry is a process that supports and develops the brand over the long term. 

Platform Marketing as a Brand Ambassador 

My role representing the new JLO BEAUTY in Sephoras across South Florida encompasses introducing and CONNECTING with new clients via listening to their direct needs and communicating JLO marketing through sales and field education. I ensure brand awareness and elevate brand loyalty through strategic planning on the sales floor and polishing my interpersonally skills. 

I asses brand patterns and observe consumer behavior in South Florida Sephoras and personify the brand through my expertise and attributing to the brand by fulfilling the needs and desires of consumers looking for that JLO glow.  

Accessibility Via Data Strategy 

I digitally connect with my direct clients and new coming shoppers via my third party database mobile app. This app provides the resources to deliver a personalized experience addressability. I am the go to brand representative in the area that can pinpoint the skincare needs you are looking for. This point in the customer journey is crucial when developing everlasting relationships. I can then invite the shopper back in for a mini tutorial on the purchased products, receive customer feedback, and welcome them to allow me to be their JLO in store. 

They key to successful integration especially in this market that is captivating, alluring, glamourous, and competitive, is to understand that multiple touchpoints ensure brand engagement. Brand Image exists independently in the mind of each audience member. It is the marketers job to shape the brand in a manner that builds the desired brand equity.  

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