Growing to become the role of an essential and pivotal asset to a company should be given to people that aspire to be great leaders.

Leaders are those who take on responsibility and go beyond solvable measures for a business, in the long run holding the company in good standing while maximizing revenue. They are multi-talented individuals who are especially efficient in diversity, various industries, and have a common ground in being amicable respectful people.

Leaders are curious and innovative action takers. They retain information via their inter-personal skills and apply the necessary pressure to support their business ventures. Leaders see opportunities as areas of growth. As collaborative members of society, they function best in managing responsibility, taking on accountability, and focusing on long term results.

Leaders must utilize marketing research and suggest ideations via investigating customers and their clientele. In my experience, working in the cosmetics industry, you must get to know your customers on a personal level basis. Adhering to their needs and hypothesizing for future business endeavors with them on a B2C level, which can also be applied in a B2B level. Focus groups with employees, as an educational leader in the field to better understand the retail store and implement marketing tactics to generate brand revenue and internal growth. As of now my focus is on generating a relationship with JLO Beauty and the Sephora cast (employees). You can also construct surveys to better comprehend the customers perspective for a better shopping experience.

Marketing research can be done in numerous ways. You can stimulate your inquiries with customers through focus groups, surveys, questionnaires, interviews, secondary research on hand, and any other observations or similarities you collect through primary research.

Marketing research is a leaders fundamental resource to stay innovative and thus produce a better impact in the future making sure to design with the end in mind. Staying on top of research data will ensure credibility and security in a business, all while engaging and tracking marketing metrics. With great power, comes great responsibility.

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