So you have a new marketing campaign at hand and want to conduct a proper experiment that facilitates the process of selection in business analysis. The metrics you use matter and whether you are the one on the field or have an end design in mind for a future position, it is always a great idea to research and become friends with A/B testing as a marketer. This form of market research is an awesome metric to pull from the toolbox. It aids in the improvement of a campaign, as well as discovers new approaches, and or keep in file for forecasting necessary marketing avenues.

A/B testing is effective because it specializes in personal preferences of users who will be using your product. As for the beauty biz, we’ll focus this article on ecommerce businesses and the overview importance of this split testing metric.

Get Familiar with A and B…

Understanding your consumers behavior via color schemes, content layout, website navigation items, etc. is the fundamental key to optimizing performance and allowing successful site visitor purchase. A/B is essentially two variables put against one another hypothesized and experimented to achieve attainable results that drive business in the long run. You may run a test and notice that natural beauty has a color scheme of green and blue. A website layout like one of my favorites skincare brands,Tata Harper, thrives in hues of greens to suggest natural beauty. After your metric research, it becomes evident for future opportunities that these hues are more appealing than vibrant pinks to a cruelty free audience. Always BTesting.

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