The cosmetics industry has an extensive background when marketers conduct research. There are a variety of methods that entail the qualitative and quantitative approach. Providing the needed information for a designated market in the beauty business is crucial for understanding the consumers and their needs. Marketing research needs there two forms of research together as a whole to provide better statistical and informative data. The collected insights from people can be retrieved in various forms and numerous outlets. The research allows the clarification of problems, opportunities, and identifying changes in the market place. 

Qualitative research allows the discovery of new opportunities in the field, while quantitative data gives measurable analysis through business intelligence. 

Qualitative Questions to Ask: 

Remember to keep them open ended …

  • What do you enjoy most about the brand? 
  • How could we improve the quality of a certain cosmetic product?
  • What is some feedback regarding for the bettering of a brand? 

Quantitative Methods to Conduct: 

  • Interviews – How long have you been using this product?
  • Focus Groups – How likely will you repurchase from a cruelty free brand?
  • Case Studies
  • Observational Research 

Overall the best method to analyze and gather information is using a quantitative method. Qualitative can be too vague, thus more responses and higher quality observation is needed. 

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