When conducting business metrics it is pivotal to organize and research your target market in order to better understand and conduct the correct field analysis. It is the process of designing, gathering, analyzing, and reporting information that may be used to solve a specific marketing problem. It is a mutual beneficial exchange that links the marketer to the directed consumer. It is a way for the marketer to identify the needs of the consumer and define opportunities and solutions. It further allows business to flourish and generate, refine, and put into place marketing actions. Marketing research is a means to an end, and it is a great way to monitor marketing performance through various business metrics and data driven results. The most effective marketing research is conducted based on objective, timeliness, accurate performance, and in relevance in an actionable and up to date manner. 

In my field of beauty, I am responsible for creating and generating revenue in order to formulate and execute marketing plans…

This may include, creating events within the store while including campaign tactics that build on customer relationship. Through extensive formulation and planned marketing strategies, connecting with the consumer is the goal for any marketer in my field, especially through the interpersonal relationship of B2C clientele.

Delivering Results

A business wants to drive in measurable results through statistical methods that maximize value to a company. These results clarify problems or opportunities as well as lead to the attraction of more business based data driven metrics. They also identify changes that are occurring in the marketplace. Moreover, they identify the best alternative to pursue among other proposed alternatives. It also aids in brand awareness in desired areas of the market, whether it be the target segment of skincare or artistry. In the area of cosmetics, it is crucial to understand your target market and thus base your product on the needs and wants of the intended consumer.

 It is important that once you start in this industry, you take into consideration the diversity of consumers and their cosmetic needs to purchase your brand. This field is very competitive and in order to stand out you have to be goal oriented and determined to go above and beyond for your audience. You must be skilled with people and inquiry in order to get to know your customer and aid in the success of the company within the retailer. Most importantly have fun and realize that the best way to engage your brand with your consumer is through a smile! 

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