Music can be a great tool for a target audience to be easily swayed or persuaded to efficiently grasp a marketing concept. Music is a timeless tactic and can be experienced via various outlets. In advertisement, it may heighten a brands image and result in successful brand equity. Nevertheless, it is linked to memory and is an advantage to businesses within the realm of music in communication. Research on music in advertising has shown that it is vital when enhancing a message through a series of emotions. Moreover, it aids in emphasizing or de-emphasizing visual or written elements. 

In the world of beauty and fashion, usually a high driven fast paced beat will articulate with a motivated individual to purchase a cosmetic product. People who aspire to enhance their appearance will be more driven to do so with an overpowering anthem. This would mesh with the brand in mind and ultimately captivate viewers watching. Music creates an experience for the directed target audience and marketers need the driven attitude reaction from consumers. Brands will typically try to use a popular song, jingle, or create the dynamic rhythm associated with the advertisement, experience, or moment in time. In the past when I generated makeup events and held master classes with Hourglass Cosmetics and Clinique, I assured to have live music to attract and lure consumers from all parts of the department store. It would maximize my sales and aid in closing my goals for the week and boost the fiscal periods for the season.

Musical composition is powerful and a resourceful marketing measure that should be applied to advertisement to create a long lasting memorable experience for the targeted consumer. Through melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic events in time, one is able to capture the essence of a message and convey the marketing act. Whether it be to purchase a product or enjoy an experience, music is a moving force that allures and attracts customers in countless of ways. Music is the marketing answer. 

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