Technology has innovated the way we do business in countless of ways on digital platforms. The digital age has allowed companies to create a tool box for managing their marketing tactics and adapting to new approaches. The internet has influenced consumer behavior with advanced technologies and paved the way for profitable decisions at every level. All forms of businesses can take away from the digital marketing mix which is how a business can achieve their goals.

After understanding and addressing your target audience, you are then able to develop your businesses strengths customized to the needs of the online consumer. You can therefore limit its weaknesses and better optimize your marketing approach. Thus, this would give you an upper hand with competitors in your market and aid in maximizing your digital market share. With the analytics provided by your marketing tools, you facilitate the internal factors in your business between different departments and business partners to successfully market your product online.

New Age Screen Time

In the eyes of the digital consumer, they are conscious about the four C’s which in this case we’ll emphasis on their online point of view. Consumers make purchase decisions based on cost and the convenience of buying a product, good, or service from the comfort of their home or mobile device. The consumer can be influenced through marketing communications via different omni channels. Whether it be a YouTube video, Facebook ad, or email newsletters. Whatever the case, the consumers behavior will be influenced by new technologies that follow the same principles of the marketing mix, now just adapted to the new wave of surfing the world wide web.

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