Word of mouth is the engagement and viral marketing that derives from inter-personal communication. Whether negative or positive associations with a brand, it creates awareness The company depends on referrals and positive engagement, thus making it more credible and maximizing sales. In the digital age, communication has surpassed face to face marketing and now consumers value a brands equity. The free advertising that is shared on social media, online reviews, and other digital platforms results in consumers being swayed by socially learning the many factors of a product that stimulate personal interest. The ad’s that are shared focus on brand pulsing, captivating the viewer, and rely on building emotion with the prospect. Whether it be social, a graphic print, static text, or a creative video on YouTube, the rules of entertainment are vital when determining sales. This viral marketing tactic is needed to create better relationships with the brand and increase loyalty. Word of mouth also depends on the willingness to talk and engage with others.

In the innovative world of technology, 90% of marketing occurs online, while face to face is 75%. These statistics need to be understood in order to better compensate for consumers who are aided by online consumer reviews. A brand develops worth of mouth referral channels to build business. The insightful information consumers learn about a brand or product will be passed along and hopefully deliver higher revenue by the amazing word of mouth marketing tactic. 

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