When beauty consumers actively hunt for the best product on the market, they often will rely on the brand equity a company upholds. These brands tend to have a competitive advantage among over the countless of companies in this vast market. In my time working for The Estee Lauder Companies, I became aware of the importance of brand equity within the multiple brands they own. When I was a brand ambassador of Clinique, I noticed the multitudes of repeat consumers that ranged in diversity and age. Clinique’s consumers have an exceptional loyalty to their favorite must have products. This B2C loyalty is needed to increase brand awareness and raise Clinique’s share in Estee Lauder capital. Thus, increasing positive perception of performance in the market and among those devoted to the world of cosmetics, like myself.

Greater financial returns, forecasted revenue opportunities, less susceptibility to competitive marketing actions, and a higher potential for brand forgiveness put Clinique as one of the best-selling skincare brands on a global scale. Due to this reason, their word to word marketing skyrockets and they create innovative products for women and men for specifically targeted problems. Their brand identity is one of the best known in the market of cosmetics and they will continue to strive like their sister company Estee Lauder which is one of the top three beauty brands alongside L’Oreal, and Procter & Gamble.

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