As a devoted brand ambassador for various cosmetics, I have spent numerous amount of time getting into the rhythm of polishing my marketing communications. Delivering the product philanthropy and intended message the company wants me to emphasize is my main objective. By doing so, I refine my interpersonal skills and contribute them to brand equity and center to driving sales in countless of ways. The focus of this certain position is to deliver an impression that strengthens a consumers view of the brand I am to uphold and represent with glamour. However, company communication goes beyond marketing on physical platforms and serves to pipeline message provider to intended receiver. You create brand awareness, memorable experiences, elicit positive brand image, and more importantly build and nourish consumer loyalty. Whether it be by advertising, sales promotion, events, PR, direct & interactive marketing, word of mouth, and personal selling; the brand utilizes these eight major modes to platform and develop an exchange of beneficial interaction. 

In my life working for The Estee Lauder Companies, I recall making use of all marketing modes during my time with Clinique which I then transferred to MAC Cosmetics. I specifically enjoyed my time in my Clinique position due to the fact that I was able to gather a better understanding for the brand which therefore lead me to carry over my skills to any challenge or new objective there was to tackle in the industry. I began at the foundation of their marketing strategy by recruiting clients through ad reprints and handing out brochures and leaflets of their products to any potential consumer in countless department stores. I took pleasure in performing demonstrations, sampling, and loved handing out GWPs (gift with purchase) to delighted clients. With my goal committed to amplifying sales, I began to receive recognition for my hard work and grew fond of listening to consumer needs and exceeding company expectations through follow-ups and increasing brand and personal retention. I was then individually selected to be part of their Miami Impact Team which focused on events, entertainment, and artistry in Sephoras (multinational beauty retailer) and Nordstroms across South Florida. I grew to be a spokesperson on behalf of Clinique and held my very own seminars and master classes where I taught and enlightened consumers on brand, products, and trends. 

The responsibility of holding such power over consumers was something I was honored to be a part of. It definitely was a unforgettable experience and was significant in my personal and professional molding. Moreover, I learned that with representing the voice of a company and its brands, a grand firm like The Estee Lauder Companies thrives on establishing dialogue and building relationships with their consumers. With positions like the brand ambassador roles I filled in the past, a firm can help formulate better messages that appeal to particular aspects of their target audiences. Conveying a mutual understanding of intentions through various communication events will aid in successful marketing presentations. Thus, implying future marketing platforms to be better understood and communicated with a purpose for both parties involved. Break a leg! 

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