The vast and glamourous world of cosmetics consists of many factors that attribute to captivating your targeted consumer. The endless array of possibilities within the beauty world allow you to take control of your business. Skincare, makeup, and fragrance will forever dominate the bland and spark curiosity in those who dare to blossom. Adding color to your consumers life allows you to create that everlasting relationship you are meaning to build. Your mission in this industry is to facilitate a consumers journey toward empowerment in their own skin. 

As a woman in this field of business who has overcome her personal insecurities and faced real world industry problems, I can attest to my experiences and professionalism. I have been able to build a vigorous foundation of knowledge in brand marketing management and hope to offer you my wisdom and expertise. So let us have fun while doing so. In order to prosper, you must be diligent and strive to make an impact on your consumer. You are not selling cosmetics, you are selling confidence, poise, and charm. You want your consumer to encompass beauty, because when you look good; you feel great.  

Many everyday prospects will walk into your store, browse online, follow company socials, watch the cookie-cutter YouTube tutorials, and or engage with the countless of testimonials on your brand. Nonetheless, none of these will guarantee a direct promise. Through integrated marketing tactics you can achieve your objectives. Remember the 4 C’s: customer value, convenience, communication, and cost. With insightful communication, resources, inter-personal skills and linking the right product to the specific needs of the consumer, you will be able to successfully build brand awareness. 

This beneficial exchange allows for equal control and contribution from both parties. By using an intention based model and strategic approach, effective communication takes place. Thus, allowing your consumer to understand and connect with you all throughout the buying process. Remember to personalize your technique and create a memorable experience, let your grace reflect onto others and they will return. Greet the world with a smile and let the consumer have their boundaries because when it comes to beauty, everyone wants to own every aspect of who they are.

Passionately written.

All my love,

Feedback for the Editor

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