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I am Genesis Rodríguez, a business analyst specializing in three key strategies of today’s world: Digital Marketing, Brand Development and Marketing Analytics. I have an extensive 7 year background in cosmetics, parfums and luxury goods. I thrive in copywriting, digital branding, content marketing including e-commerce, SEO blogging and PR client briefs and outreach.

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About Me

A 25 year old alluring creative with latin roots, I am a Miami, FL native. The vast world of glamour, city life and polished living fascinate me. An extrovert, a lover of fine arts, middle eastern cuisine, rock n’ roll and with an applied knowledge of cultures as a worldwide traveler. I take pride in enjoying the simple things in life and sharing my magic everywhere I go. The passion for my industry is something very special I hold close to my heart. Beauty will forever dominate the bland and spark curiosity in those who dare to blossom. Captivate while cultivating a world of mindfulness. Carry yourself with elegance, share your grace with others and open the opportunity for education.

In my spare time, I enjoy a slow life. Especially one on the beach. Practicing yoga, playing tennis, reading, finding foodie hidden gems and devoting my time to good company. Follow me on my journey of wellness to protect my sublime inner being.

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